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Useful dynamic DNS with an AVM Fritz!Box and a STRATO-hosted domain


I have my domain hosted with STRATO. My routing device at home is an AVM Fritz!Box 7490. I want - since i finally got a decent upstream bandwidth - to have a nice versatile dynamic DNS to point 'home'. STRATO offers DynDNS, but it is v4 only. Also, setting the DynDNS flag for a (sub-)domain automatically disables the setting of all other records (i.e. HINFO, TXT, …).

What to do?

Solution is easy. AVM has their own DynDNS-Service you can use for free, MyFRITZ!.

  1. set up MyFRITZ! account
  2. set CNAME record for your domain, point it to the cryptic MyFRITZ! hostname
  3. set any other records you want there
  4. activate MyFRITZ! in Fritz!Box
  5. maybe move your web interface to a more exotic port than 80 or 443.

If the strange error that dynamic DNS is know in an unknown or failed state pisses you off (like it pisses me off), you can just set the dynamic DNS provider to 'custom' and have as update URL. The error will disappear.

TADAA, you now have versatile v4/v6 dynamic DNS for your own domain with a domain provider that doesn't really support versatility in terms of dynamic DNS.

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