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Line 91: Line 91:
 PubkeyAuthentication yes PubkeyAuthentication yes
 AuthenticationMethods publickey,​password AuthenticationMethods publickey,​password
 +If you want to login as root like this, you'll also have to enable this:
 +PermitRootLogin yes
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 148: Line 154:
 [[https://​​questions/​41941/​consequences-of-tampered-etc-ssh-moduli]]\\ ​ [[https://​​questions/​41941/​consequences-of-tampered-etc-ssh-moduli]]\\ ​
 [[http://​​safe-with-google-authenticator-think-again/​]]\\ ​ [[http://​​safe-with-google-authenticator-think-again/​]]\\ ​
 +[[https://​​]]\\ ​
 {{tag>​crypto openssl openssh pam yubikey pfs}} {{tag>​crypto openssl openssh pam yubikey pfs}}
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